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Middle/Senior iOS Developer

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Full time
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Job details

Basic requirements:

  • Good knowledge of Swift 5 (we work on 5.8)
  • Basic knowledge of OP frameworks (we work on RxSwift, but knowledge of ReactiveSwift or Combine is not a problem)
  • Mobile design patterns — MVC-MVP-MVVM, Session/Environment, Fabric/Fabric method, Singleton, Adapter, Delegate/Closure, etc. KISS
  • The ability to write algorithms, estimated complexity, the ability to evaluate their own and not their own algorithms
  • Git

The bonuses will be:

  • Experience with Firebase
  • Experience with Lottie
  • Experience writing custom controls of varying complexity
  • Using SpriteKit both in games and tie-ins in regular applications
  • Indie, fan, pet, maybe commercial experience of game dev

Company overview

🧑💼A small product company that releases one application per quarter. 📍 Apps are in the TOP 100 in Health & Fitness 📍 Apple features apps. In 2022, the designer in the team received The Webby Awards (in narrow circles, the award is called the "Oscar" on the Internet) 📍 The team is less than 10 people, deeply immersed in the tasks 📍 No overtime 📍 PM is the company's founder, all issues are resolved quickly and directly 📍 There is always time for refactoring/ updating and learning new things

Company size: 1–10


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